Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zuberance Self Service: a powerful yet easy to use Brand Advocacy System

Do you have a business? Do you work hard for your customers? 

As a customer I am consistently surprised how common is this scenario in my life: "wow, that was a great meal!  I have to write a recommendation for this restaurant" then life gets in the way and I rarely get to do it; the same happens with many other daily business interactions ranging from startups delivering great value with their applications to dry cleaners and barber shops; in most occasions they fail to take systematic action that could result in identifying me as a delighted customer, and they definitely fail to make it easy for me to advocate for them to my friends and colleges. 

This is the problem Zuberance set out to solve over three years ago: help brands to systematically identify their highly satisfied customers (their Advocates), make it really easy for those Advocates to do something for the brand that they are delighted with and measure the impact of these Advocate actions allowing Marketers to understand what works, what doesn't and optimize their efforts. 

Today we are taking those three years of experience and expanding the audience we can make it available to with our new Brand Advocacy System: Zuberance Self Service! Using Zuberance companies of all sizes can become systematic about identifying their Advocates and making it really easy for those Advocates to do something for them. 

Come and check Zuberance Self Service!  Let me know what you think about it 

Filiberto Selvas

P.S. Zuberance Self Service is completely free during the Beta, after the Beta period is over Zuberance Self Service will be free for any company up to 200 Advocates identified; and then charged in a tiered subscription model based on the number of Advocates in the program. 

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