Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lets call attention to those that deserve it: ConsumptionNation

Dear reader,

Thanks for finding my Blog (how did that happen?), most days I would try to retain you here and hopefully guide you to find something of value among my musings.. not today

Today I am going to invite you to promptly leave this site and visit the recently launched Blog of my friend Marc Sanford: ConsumptionNation; you may ask yourself: why would Filiberto do that? there are many good reasons, enumerating a few:

  1. Marc is simply a high quality human that I am proud to call my friend; anything that he produces in any space is worth keeping an eye on. 
  2. The topic he is intending to address is near and dear to my heart: "fueled by the idea that nearly a century of sociological and social science based research can bring to bear frameworks, ideas, and fruitful ways of investigation that can be applied in the private sector business community" What a concept! scientific discipline applied to the needs and objectives of the private sector community? Yes, please! 
  3. At then end I created this Blog intending to do good; and I know I am benefiting you by pointing to the location that will hopefully show us a lot of the treasures hidden in Marc's brain. 
Welcome to the Blogosphere Marc! it is never late to have a great new participant. 

Filiberto Selvas 

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