Friday, May 11, 2012

Brand Advocacy moves the needle

Lately you have seen post from me on the topic of Brand Advocacy; it happens that I have a vantage point as I have the privilege of access to the data for all the Advocacy Programs Zuberance runs every day...  I wish I could simply share this with you every day, alas I can't as it is privileged information owned by our customers. Recently Restaurant.Com kindly share a few snippets of this data with attendees to the WOMM-U 2012, here for your enjoyment!

  • Restaurant.Com launched an Advocacy program on September 2011 with the objective of identifying and energizing Advocates; they were looking for authentic Advocacy so they offered no compensation or reward (The program was launched using the Zuberance Platform)
  • To date Restaurant.Com has identified 141,131 Brand Advocates
  • Advocates have created 34,788 Stories (Incredible strategic asset that has already delivered an estimated 2.5M Trusted Impressions) 
  • Advocates shared 12,525 Offers, generating 3,773 inbound referral clicks 
  • Restaurant.COm has taken the next step in Advocacy opening exclusive spaces for interaction with the Advocates (Exclusive Facebook Page) 

How has Advocacy moved the needle for Restaurant.Com? 
  • Boosted awareness and online reputation 
  • Increased Sales 
  • Accrued an strategic asset: an Advocate Army ready and willing to engage
It is not about "IF" Brand Advocacy works; it is a question of taking the steps to make it work for you. 

What do you think? 

Filiberto Selvas

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