Monday, February 21, 2011

How much money are you making for every new Fan or Follower?

Is not a trick question... the answer Should be $0 (unless you are Facebook or Twitter); your business does not grow or improve because of these Fans or Followers, but due to their actions or the actions they get others to do...

If that is the case; why are your still optimizing your efforts based on metrics that have nothing to do with what you are really after? Why are you measuring Friends, Fans or Followers instead of focusing on the actions they effect personally or through others?

I feel strongly about these points and that is why I am excited to participate in the Social Media for Customer Management Summit for the session: "Are True Friends Followers? Pinpointing Where You Stand With Social Media Users" join me for this free event and lets discuss what is wrong / right with our current approach and how do we move towards identifying, engaging and activating those end users that are truly having an effect on your companies objectives.

Filiberto Selvas

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