Sunday, February 20, 2011

How are you amplifying Paid & Owned Media through Earned Media?

I think most people that reach this blog would agree that Earned Media increases, accelerates and extends (in one word: Lifts) the impact of Paid & Owned Media; at Meteor Solutions we see the positive business impact of this every day (10-20% Earned traffic, that converts 1.5x 4x times higher).

But Earned Media has its challenges; it is becoming an overcrowded space (recent studies show 88% of US Companies with 100 employees and more will be using  Social Media in their Marketing efforts in 2012) and as a consequence the impact of these approaches is being diluted (The Edelman Trust Barometer shows a decrease in trust of "someone like me", last read was 47% compared to 68% in 2006)

What to do about this? This week I will be presenting at the Open Dialogue's 4th Social Media Marketing Conference on what we at Meteor Solution denominate "Social Audience Marketing" that is an approach to set the conditions for your "Social Audience" to surface and become active, systematic identification and tracking of the activities of this audience to understand what is important and relevant for them, and the Targeting with engaging messages and offers and yet again continuous tracking that allows you to optimize your efforts.

How are you amplifying Paid & Owned Media through Earned Media?  I look forward to hear from you online or in person if you are attending the Open Dialogue's 4th Social Media Marketing Conference this week.

Filiberto Selvas

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