Monday, January 25, 2010

Sounds, Scents, Sensations & Tastes..

These last few days I have gone through a number of happy personal events that helped me remember how strongly my happiest memories are tied to things like the music I was hearing, the scents I was perceiving, the sensations I was experiencing or the tastes I was enjoying at the moment.

I wonder how many opportunities there may be of using these strong tools to awaken emotions and have people react and come together… A baby’s cry, hospital smell, the sound of rain over a lake, a long forgotten song, the scent of cinnamon, bubble wrap popping, the taste of dark chocolate..

Some of the most popular Social Media sites have helped us “traverse” our lives on some important axis.. The relationships and experiences we had when we were younger, our current and past friends, the Music we like… There are many core and strong axis that I think are still available for others to play with.. food for thought.

What do you think?
Filiberto Selvas

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