Sunday, January 10, 2010

Current phenomena: Acceleration and Aggregation of an old phenomena

Great post; these snippets say it all:

"for the vast majority of human history — all media was social media. Media was what happened between people. Whether you think of the proverbial campfire — around which group rituals were performed and mythologies passed on — or of simple everyday interactions: teaching, gossiping, making music, making each other laugh — media was participatory. Media was social."

"we share stories. We're designed to. If something surprises, delights or disgusts us, we feel an innate urge to pass it on."

What are the implications of this? for me the implications are that the understanding (and the explanations on how to leverage) have to go back to old roots as well; we should pay close attention to Sociologists, Anthropologists and Psychologists on how they think, interpret and explain social media.

Filiberto Selvas

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