Monday, October 5, 2009

My Bookmarks 10/06/2009

  • Key point that gets lost sometimes:

    "Some of the biggest opportunities in social media are internal. McDonald’s Mindshare community helps owner-operators share ideas with one another. "

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  • I agree with the intention; the devil is on the details. Where do you draw the line? A paid blog post by a notorious blogger is a clear thing; what about a Newsfeed post by Jane Doe that was encouraged by a manufacturer offering a discount in future services; in or out?

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  • This is the key quote that makes this Commitment (versus flash in the pan)

    "if you don’t take time to answer “Where can I find your shoes in my neighborhood?” you are missing the whole point of social media. It is “social” media for a reason. You are joining the various networks to be closer to your customers, your fans, so don’t be alarmed or annoyed when we the fans want to talk to you. Be flattered, be open, be transparent and receptive and respond. In the end it takes time, work, and dedication to really engage your customers. Dropping a wall post and logging out isn’t engaging customers."

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