Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Power of Brand Advocacy

One of the main reasons why I love to work in the Social CRM (Convergence of Social Media and CRM) space is that it feels natural, and rings true…  what do I mean? 

Take this scenario: You are finishing a wonderful dinner at a new restaurant, enjoying the food, the company and the ambience… a well trained waiter comes by and makes sure you are all enjoying the moment, you express your satisfaction and the waiter says something like: "I am glad you enjoyed your dinner, please come to see us again soon and recommend us to your friends". The following day you tell your coworker about the wonderful experience and say something 

It sounds natural, right?  rings true, correct? 

Now, here is where the magic occurs: what happens when you take something that is natural and true, eliminate the friction and make it scalable and systematic? you can check your Facebook to answer that question.. the good things that come out of it grow incredibly and deliver great benefits. 

Brand Advocacy, the disposition to recommend and promote the products and services that we are satisfied with, is natural for all of us. We do it out of the most basic and noble reasons: because we truly enjoyed the product or experience,  because we want others to experience the same benefits, because we want to be recognized as someone that brings benefits to others through these relevant and positive recommendations. Understanding who your Brand Advocates are and making it as easy for them to Advocate for you will render amazing benefits in the from of increased number and quality of leads, heightened awareness and shorter sales cycles. 

The challenge is to make the Brand Advocate identification and empowerment scalable and systematic (eliminating the friction), that is what my company, Zuberance, does. 

Where is the proof you ask? Zuberance just released a study on Brand Advocates; here a few snippets: 

  • 30% of Brand Advocates recommend once a week or more
  • Brand Advocates recommend across categories; the most popular are Technology (25%), Restaurants (15%) Household Items (10%), Travel (7%)
  • Brand Advocates have Social Networks that are larger than average (300-600) 
  • Brand Advocates recommend consumer (67%) and business (31%) products 
  • When a Brand Advocate recommendations prompt the recipient to consider (61%) and buy (22%) 

We are working hard to bring the power of Brand Advocacy to more and more companies out there; stay tuned for news to come! 

Filiberto Selvas 

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