Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doc Searls focusing our attention: Better Markets (versus Better Marketing)

  • Such an insightful post!

    Unearthing key nuggets:
    "our job was delivering (often unwelcome) clues to the places where those clues were needed most" (Great pointer for Community Managers)

    "collective vision of this space (Social Media) was wrongly limited to what could be done on Facebook, Twitter and other commercial “platforms”. Ignored was the freedom and independence granted by the Net’s own open and essentially ownerless platforms and protocols — and the need to equip individuals with their own instruments of independence and engagement."

    The VRM Ambition:
    " 1. Provide tools for individuals to manage relationships with organizations.
    2. Make individuals the collection centers for their own data.
    3. Give individuals the ability to share data selectively, without disclosing more personal information than the individual allows.
    4. Give individuals the ability to control how their data is used by organizations, and for how long.
    5. Give individuals the ability to assert their own “terms of service,”.
    6. Give individuals means for expressing demand in the open market, outside any organizational silo.
    7. Make individuals platforms for business, by opening the market to many kinds of third party services that serve buyers as well as sellers.
    8. Base relationship-managing tools on open standards."

    "We don’t have those tools yet. When we do, they will change the way customers relate to companies, and therefore change the reverse as well."

    Filiberto Selvas

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