Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Razorfish Fluent & Influencer Marketing

I went back to read Razorfish’s “Fluent” (released about three months ago); there are truly quite a few golden nuggets throughout the document! This post will not try to unearth every single one of those; but here a few focused on the concept of influencers & marketing through them.

“Conversations about brands, products and services are increasingly woven into the interactions of social networks as a means to connect with others, and these conversations have great influence even though people aren’t consciously asking about brand opinions. Furthermore, consumers do not always realize how much influencing they are doing and how much they are being influenced when they have conversations about brands across social platforms.”

Who / What influences heavily along the Marketing Funnel?
Awareness: “Close Family & friends” 78%
Consideration: “Contribute to Youtube” 49%
Action: “Close Family & friends” 79%

“Enabling portable social graphs allows marketers to assemble user profiles of customers and their habits, including whom they turn to for recommendations and whom they trust most when they’re making decisions.”

“the CRM-minded are taking new views into social CRM and expanding how they view customers and the influence, reach and impact of advocacy on their brand and consumption patterns. The incorporation of this view doesn’t change how CRM organizations view the customer, but it does add a new dimension of how they put value on a customer. Traditionally we put monetary valuations specific to customer value, consumption and cost of marketing. With social CRM, the cost of reach is changing this traditional thinking. Those that are not as valuable from a currency perspective may have incredible value from a reach perspective.” (Customer Network value?)”

In conclusion:
  • “Influencer” is an ample term; get to know the different type of influencers that are relevant for your business objectives.
  • Consider a broad approach; influencers are important throughout the funnel (but not the same ones all the time)
  • As you identify and work with influencers: give them something worth to talk about, make it easy for them to do that, join in the conversation.
  • Social Graph Portability is your friend; both from the point of view of leveraging influencers to advance your business objectives as well as capturing data that will allow you to optimize this efforts.
  • The “who is your most valuable customer”? question has multiple answers now; is not only about Customer Life Time Value anymore; it is also about Customer Network Value.

What do you think?
Filiberto Selvas

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