Friday, April 10, 2009

How Does Social CRM look like?

I was recently re reading a great post written by my Friend Paul Greenberg about Twitter and I couldn’t resist the urge to select and highlight a couple key paragraphs within it which he states the need for a Social CRM Strategy and explains how a Social CRM system that supports this strategy would work / look like; allow me to quote: 

On the need for a Social CRM Strategy: 

“With the customers in control of the business ecosystem, companies have no choice but to define strategies for customer engagement.  Twitter is at this point a channel for finding the customers to engage with and to get data from so that richer customer insights can be garnered and problems solved in real time or nearly so.”

On How a Social CRM System would work and how it would relate to channels like Twitter: 

“Twitter's benefit and its relationship to CRM is that it is a location, a community of people who are engaging with their peers in honest open discussions about things that benefit or hurt specific businesses, among many other things. Because there are operational CRM tools and will be new tools that can potentially tie business rules and workflow, processes and systems to communities of prospects and customers who are conversing, then a channel or location like Twitter becomes eminently valuable. The first reason? Because a problem can be monitored, noticed and acted upon. The second reason? Because gathering data on the actual discussions around brands - both yours and competitors is invaluable.”

What do you think? 
Filiberto Selvas


Unknown said...

Great post. I have a group working on this very issue. More to come soon.

Filiberto Selvas said...

Thanks Spreenkler; look forward to see what you are creating.