Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quick draw: Mobile is about understanding the person, not the technology

Just a quick post to capture something said by Tim Hayden, SVP of Mobile Strategy for Edelman Digital in this FORBES article that I believe is extremely important:

The value of mobile isn’t about its technological bells and whistles, says Hayden. Instead, “it’s understanding the utility the device brings and how someone’s life is made easier. It’s more efficient in terms of finding a place to drop off my dry cleaning, or the best place to get a burger in Boston. You have to understand the person before you understand the technology.” Too many companies and agencies still think of mobile as a tactical add-on. But that won’t get you far, says Hayden: “Mobile now transcends everything, and you have to take into account that behavior – how it disrupts things or can be leveraged.”

What do you think? 

Filiberto Selvas

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