Friday, October 12, 2012

in Vino Veritas and Excellentiam Social CRM!

Let's not “bury the lead”: VinTank is the Social CRM platform (of those I know) that is closer to what I deem the ideal dream to be; clearly good things happen when you work under the influence of Wine! (Wine Industry, that is)

Imagine a Social CRM Platform that:

  • Monitors horizontal Social Networks but also Industry Sites (Social and Not) that are important and and relevant for your company and products.
  • Is industry and Product Type aware, allows you to “dial” up or down the filter level to ensure relevancy of what is detected and brought to your attention and also permits to “educate” the system on keywords, phrases and online properties that are important to you.
  • Identifies Author, Media Type, detects Sentiment and Disposition, allows easy classification (tagging) and facilitates in situ interactions (say the Author is in Twitter, through this Social Platform interface you can interact with this Author in Twitter)
  • Captures and presents industry standard influence measures that account for depth, reach, relevancy but also the social ecosystem of the Author (people associated with this Author talk and interact around the industry and product type that you care about)
  • Complements the above with a proprietary measure of the value and relevancy of any given individual Author that is ecommerce slanted and considers recency, frequency and purchase style.
  • Tracks and stores the history of the Mentions and Interactions with every Single Author
  • Allows for easy segmentation and aggregation of Authors (Tagging), these segments can be used as Analytics filters and as Campaign Selectors.  
  • Through its integration with location aware and real time services is itself location aware and can facilitate customer interactions in real time.

Through a conversation with Paul Mabray I learn that VinTank gives you this and much more, what can you do with this amazing Social Platform?

  • Understand your Social Media rank in the industry in terms of awareness, engagement, organic and triggered mentions and see all of these benchmarked against your competitors.
  • Execute tactical efforts to increase this rank and monitor the results, learn from that so you can optimize and “rinse & repeat”

  • Identify who among your customers is in the position to influence others; not only because of the reach, relevance and propensity but also because those around this customers resonate with the product / industry that you care about.
  • Facilitate programmatic interactions with these key influencers and measure the impact and results of such programs. (not quite today, but is in the horizon)

  • Drive Real Time, Geo Fenced tactics: are customers that I care about due to their propensity to buy, level of influence or both somewhere in the vicinity of my location? reach out to them, engage, drive to my property, get them to purchase and tell others about it.
  • Leverage rich media content generated by these customers to re-engage them at an emotional level and encourage them to “come back.

  • And so much more...

I am excited about VinTank and look forward to keeping in touch with Paul Mabray as they continue to make progress and expand into other experiential industries.

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas

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