Friday, September 21, 2012

Social Business is coming into focus

If you are in the Social / CRM world you are quite aware that Dramforce 2012 happened this week, with it we had a set of very interesting announcements from Salesforce and their partners, but also competitors take the opportunity of the heightened attention and make announcements of their own (broadly or selectively to the large number of experts, influencers and analysts that attend or follow the event)

I did not attend the event and because of that I had to keep up following the live streaming as well as the comments from the attendees, particularly key individuals I have followed now in the Social CRM space for the longest time (Esteban Kolsky, Mark Tamis, Jesus Hoyos, Paul Greenberg, and many others).This likely worked in my benefit as I was not only getting the information but also the curation from minds better than mine, the combination of all of the above made me realize Social Business is finally coming into focus...

One of the key challenges we have had to understand and explain how Social Technologies and Social Strategies positively impacts your business is that it has the potential to impact all (or at least most) of your business.

  • Social Technologies allow you to be proactive about the online perception of your company, is someone having a bad experience with your product and sharing with their friends online? you can detect that, reach out and make it right. Social Strategies help you realize that if you were successful in turning this potential detractor into a satisfied customer that is a great opportunity to have her provide you with public online recognition than in turn can generate more and better business.
  • Social Technologies allow you to interconnect all the teams across your company, the teams across your partners and even the teams across your customers. Social Strategies make you realize that given the right conditions, motivations, recognition all of these participants can collaborate with each other given as a result a better product, a better business and a better outcome for all involved.
  • Social technologies allow you to learn a lot about individuals through their public self expression across a multitude of social networking sites. Social Strategies tell you that if you learn about what makes an individual think, know who they are connected to, where do they come from and what is the path that they took to get where they are today you are in a much better position to understand their needs, motivations and desires and through that find a way to give them what they want while you obtain what you need.
  • Social Technologies allow you to connect with anyone (customer, employee, partner) in whatever Digital location they choose to be, and in that same location give them the information and opportunities for action that they need to advance the common business objective forward.
  • and much more...

The list above is not comprehensive, but hopefully makes the point of showing how encompassing is the impact of Social across all of the aspects of our business.

The demonstrations and announcements made through this week (and I don’t mean Salesforce only) show all of these and more to be an achievable reality; it also shows how major providers of ERP/CRM and Social Technologies are creating (or partnering to create) underlying infrastructure across all the systems you use today to support your business operation so that with these Social Technologies available to you you can begin applying Social Strategies, but even more importantly it shows that a lot of smart people are thinking through the right use case scenarios where those Social Strategies needs to be applied to deliver the impact that Social has promised for so long.

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas

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