Friday, September 30, 2011

Atimeter Pilot Series: Digital Media and Advertising: What's the future in a world of Social and CGM?

I am very thankful to the Altimeter Group,  in specific to Jeremiah Owyang for the invitation to attend this event and to Rebecca Lieb for the generosity in sharing her knowledge and insights on the industry and this interesting topic: Digital Media and Advertising: What's the future in a world of Social and CGM?

Loved the format; they got us started with a "Wiki Wall" with a few thought provoking questions:

  • In what year will advertising die? 
  • When do you build content versus buy media? 
  • What works better online? Advertisement or Content? 

That was followed by a wonderfully lead presentaiton and prompt for discussion that found a ,very engaged set of attendees that took advantage of the ample opportunity to exchange and discuss. Among the key pearls I remember (and I know many are missing from this list) are:

  • We are (or need to) headed to a future where more relevancy is the norm; I took it an step further and suggested that needs to be taken to the level of relationship management... we are capable today to use a very comprehensive knowledge f the customer or potential customer and based on that deliver value at almost any point throughout the web.. 
  • Measure and vigilance on the right ways to use these capabilities are required: I suggested that as an industry we need to band together to regulate more "the use of the hammer" rather than the hammer itself. 
  • Media buys and Content are not at odds: Bought Media will provide the Brands the opportunity to present the message, Content (Owned, User Generated under Brand sponsorship or Aggregated Across) will be the way the message is communicated. 
  • Curation and Curators are very important to the ecosystem in this new space

Thank you to all the fellow attendees that made this event such an interesting one; looking forward to the opportunity to interact with you in the future as we head into a world where:

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas 


sugar crm uk said...

Great post, very thought provoking. I still think tht content is king, although perhaps the most powerful content is no longer that which we write about ourselves but which others write about us - on review sites - in blog comments etc.

Filiberto Selvas said...

Thanks for your comment; indeed content is very important and, as you stated, now it expands beyond "brand created" and into "user generated" and even further into "user curated" (or "user mashed up". However I am convinced that, as important as content is, content is not enough any more. it is the blood, you need the veins and make sure the veins are going to the right organs.