Monday, August 16, 2010

In this I believe (repost)

Today I stumbled into one of my old posts (April 2008); it remains relevant and true and I think is worth surfacing it again:

  • Social Media (Social CRM?) will change the way we do business, because of the new level of understanding of the relations with customers and among customers, and the opportunity for collaboration with customers and among them.
  • After some time, those that really believe and execute in Social Media as a long term and strategic Customer Relationship medium will be easily distinguished from those that are jumping on the wagon because it is the latest buzzword and they need to tick the checklist.
  • Frank, unvarnished and prompt engagement will be preferred by all of us customers; and that all those companies that choose to not go this route will find themselves talking to the echo chamber.
  • Employees that have the opportunity to engage with customers through Social Media will find a mission; and they will be so ignited and energized by this mission that any competitor that does not provide this opportunity will stand no chance.

What do you believe in? (Or think about the above?)

Filiberto Selvas


Unknown said...

Hi Filberto,

I agree with you on the effect social media will have on the business environment and employees. Businesses that have customers who prefer to be reached via these channels and ignore them will definitely suffer.

However, Social Media isn't necessarily Social CRM. Social tools only augment CRM, they don't replace it.

Filiberto Selvas said...

Agree Muchiri; please see this post for my take on Social CRM definition:

Ishwinder Singh said...

Given the amount of time that the users are spending on social web(Twitter, Facebook), it becomes extremely important for the organizations to realize and harness the power of Social Media. The best way to harness social media for brands as every one is acknowledging as of now is to integrate the traditional CRMs with social media like twitter. For example Post sales Support is one such thing which when provided at an appropriate time gives a happy time to a consumer and hence happy time to your company in long term. Similarly Reaching out to customers aka lead management, marketing methodologies etc would be largely affected as Social Media penetrates further into life and consumers use social media more and more to express their personal thoughts about brands etc.

All in all we are in a good transition time to see it all happening as brands will realise this sooner or later and we can hope for better consumer dynamics in the times to come.