Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social CRM: is about the intention & methods and not only the tools

A couple weeks ago I published the “Social CRM: let’s not dilute the term to death” post that generated great conversation through comments & Twitter; each of those comments prompted new ideas and consolidated a few old ones but I want to focus in one in particular by Brent Leary:

“It's not just the tools that allow us to reach more people in a more meaningful way. It's also the message these tools are carrying that has to change”

I completely agree with this point; it is part of my personal agenda..What has happened with Social includes but goes beyond the technology; indeed the technology is amazing and is allowing us to “eliminate friction” from so many behaviors / activities that already existed, this makes the behaviors look new.. but they aren’t, they just look like that due to the increased aggregation, acceleration and amplification that the elimination of friction causes.

I do think Social is a promising space from an individual professional career perspective and I have been in it for about 6 years now, I do think Social can and will incrementally help organizations achieve their business objectives.. but above all I think the concepts of Social Media / Social CRM will (on the long run):

  • Generate a better understanding, communication and collaboration between companies, their customers and among the customers themselves; this improved understanding, communication & collaboration will necessarily render better products and services.
  • The concepts I expressed in the bullet above are not limited to “companies” and their “customers”; these apply to other type of organizations (Schools, Governments, Hospitals, etc.) and their “customers” (students, patients, citizens, etc.) what this means is that the application of Social Concepts has the potential to render better education, better health, better countries... better world.

This is my creed; this is why I am sticking to this space..

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas


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Unknown said...

Filiberto, I think you are correct. Social Media can foster understanding between various stakeholders in society. It has the potential to be a great 'disintermediator' between people and institutions, organizations and corporations heretofore considered inaccessable and unreachable. Cheers, Ted Morris