Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interesting Social Mobile Bits

Nokia Announces Ovi Application Store

"..suggests things you might like and adds social location dynamics to show you relevant applications. And it shows you what your friends have bought. And it changes the inventory based on where you are..."

Telecos Find a Best Friend -- Social Networks

" Last year, News Corp-owned MySpace had 20 million of its 135 million customers access its site from their mobile phones."

" French carrier Orange, a brand of France Telecom, which is offering unlimited access to Facebook and MySpace on its phones. The rest of the carrier's mobile internet is metered, which should help to steer traffic to the social sites."

SocNets, Mobile Carriers Circle Each Other in EarneST

"At Mobile World Congress, MySpace announced deals with Nokia and Palm, which plan to incorporate some of the former's social characteristics onto their handhelds"

" Earlier this month reports circulated that Facebook is ramping up efforts to liaise with handset makers, including Nokia. The MySpace rival is already working with Palm on an integration deal, and a Facebook app is already available via iPhone.
Carriers are also ramping up for more social network integration, not necessarily with Facebook and MySpace. Korea's LG Electronics, for example, is promoting mobile features that enables users to publish videos to YouTube."

IMHO: Telcos already have great information on our social networks and context (who do we call/text? what days and what time of the day? what mobile actions seem to prompt those calls/text messages and what mobile actions are prompted by those calls/messages? and what other users seem to be impacted by those?)
Seems to me that, if the Mobile Telcos could agree on standards that would allow app developers to deliver experiences that did not have to play to the "least common denominator", this could develop on a great business opportunity for them and many others.

What do you think?
Filiberto Selvas

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