Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As Social Media matures we have an increasing need for Software plus Services

Today Sprinklr announced the acquisition of Dachis group, this continues a clear trend we have seen accelerating in the past couple years:

  • As Social Media understanding continues to mature the need for its deep integration across all aspects of an organization  (Support, Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Talent Acquisition) becomes clear. 
  • When the above is true then it is not about Software / Technology any more, services that facilitate integration into existing processes or adoption of new ones are absolutely required.

This post by the Altimeter group has a snippet that summarizes it nicely:

Sprinklr’s customers increasingly need custom consulting services, especially for implementation and training. This is a new tool and new processes being introduced often to hundreds or even thousands of people in large, distributed organizations.

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas


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