Thursday, September 27, 2012

#CRMshoptalk video episode for Dramfoce 2012

Great #CRMshoptalk video episode by Brent Leary and Denis Pombriant about Dramfoce 2012; a few key (paraphrased) nuggets: 

  • Dreamforce undertone: Salesforce and the Social Enterprise Vision it is presenting is "Safe" for the C level executive in a major enterprise. 
  • The value and potential impact of the convergence of Man, Machine and Social, integration of business and social at all levels, across all business areas, across the customer - partner - company relationship cycle. 
  • SMB had a really strong presence, with applications built for the way small business work (not trying to make them fit into what was built for bigger customers). The partner participation and level of activity in Dreamforce was impressive, and a lot of those solutions focus on SMB and allow Salesforce to be the underlying platform for needs that they couldn't address on their own. 
  • Salesforce has an edge on addressing varied customer segments (big and small) because they are a SaaS company (and because they are architected as a platform). 
  • Elephant in the room: Marketing automation... Salesforce steering clear of the space (for now) but clearly a very important piece of the Marketing Cloud. 

What do you think? 

Filiberto Selvas 

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