Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Step Closer…

Amazing and exciting changes lately

I left a company I really like (Meteor Solutions) and joined a company that really excites me: Zuberance!  Why does it excite me? Is One Step Closer to moving the needle for you..  Zuberance enables companies to gain Social Recommendations by identifying and activating advocates. Why is this important? You may want to check this Harvard Business Review Article: "Branding in the Digital Age: You're Spending your Money in All the Wrong Places" for a comprehensive explanation but in summary:

  • Stating the obvious: what individuals say about you defines your Brand’s image; are you in the business of improving awareness, perception, recollection? You care about Social Recommendations.
  • The funnel has changed.. is much more of an iterative process now, and at every step the individual can change her mind about the purchase.. guess what tends to be the most influencing factor?  Someone else’s advocacy!  If you are about pushing that purchase decision over the end line You care about Social Recommendations
  • Last but not least: is not about “sell & forget” any more, your relationship with the individual goes beyond that.. if you can enable the cycle of Purchase, Enjoy, Advocate, Bond you will not only gain a valuable client for life, you will gain.. Social Recommendations!

How is this relevant to Social CRM? What I have repeatedly pointed to through many posts in this Blog is that the "moving the needle" value of Social CRM is based on the understanding of the individual’s relationship with the brand, social behavior and outcomes of such behavior; focusing on Advocates and Social Recommendations will give companies increased awareness and much more efficient client retention and acquisition processes; for individuals we will get better products as companies understand what and which drive better Purchase, Enjoy, Advocate, Bond cycles.

On a personal note there is a 2nd “One Step Closer”: with this change we have relocated to the Bay Area which gets me a little closer to the Family we left in Mexico back in 1994; I hope this means we will see each other more often.

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas

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