Friday, October 23, 2009

My Bookmarks 10/24/2009

  • Agree with this post:

    Meaningful & Consistent Metrics give way to benchmarks and best practice identificaiton.

    "- meaningful metrics related to the underlying business objectives - that could be analysed alongside their other marketing campaigns. "

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  • Great Post by the Altimeter group; very related to Social CRM concepts on the aspect of understanding through data who your most valuable customers are (influencers) and the need to establish & develop a relationship with them that works for everybody's advantage:

    "...marketers must understand that blasting marketing information through Facebook or Twitter won’t be effective...o. Instead, marketers should allow content on all web properties and email marketing to be easily added to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites by offering icons that encourage people to share."
    "Develop Influence Marketing Programs. Since these search engines have all noted that they will rank real time information on a person’s authority and not just traditional page ranking, marketers must double down on building these relationships..."

    "...foster discussions within Twitter as retweet, replies, and linking behavior will influence what is served up on results pages. It takes time to build real relationships that develop into public conversations so get started now."

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