Friday, October 2, 2009

My Bookmarks 10/03/2009

  • fastest growing segment in the last 30 days? Females 55-65

    "35 and older crowd makes up 48% of Facebook's population here in the U.S."

    "in every single segment - there are more female users than male users of Facebook"

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  • Before you jump into Social Media because everybody else is doing this think of this:

    "The real value is in the creative and/or strategic combination and deployment of resources to solve a business problem."

    tags: SCRM, Social, Integration

  • Publishers realizing the relationship is the core value in their business..

    "Control a direct relationship with consumers, while gaining leverage with heavyweights like Apple (AAPL) and Amazon (AMZN)."

    tags: Social, CRM

  • What are the legal implicaitons for the rest of us? can credit companies use Twitter to serve notices? Healthcare Insurance?

    "The case will of course have greater implications in Britain for anonymous bloggers and those who impersonate others on Twitter (the judge has ordered the anonymous tweeter to identify himself to the Court), but it's definitely the fact that the defendant was provided notice through his Twitter account that makes it novel. "

    tags: Social, Twitter, Legal

  • "...56.9M mobile Web users in July of this year. a 34 percent increase versus 42.5M mobile Web visitors last Internet penetration is roughly 25’s teens and seniors who are coming onto the mobile Internet in droves.. 45 percent surge in usage among teens 13-17 in July, 67 percent spike among users 65 and older... in July the female audience soared by 43 percent, versus a 26 percent growth spike seen among tend to go online for technology news, sports and games, women are more inclined to use mobile for social networking and shopping... for women the top mobile destinations included,, and"

    tags: Social, Mobile, Demographics

  • "User-generated advertising is as prevalent (and appealing) as agency-created spots."

    ""Advertisers are demanding more individual-specific and involvement- based measurements, putting pressure on the traditional mass-market model.

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