Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get them to wear your Brand with pride

As follow up to my prior post I kept on thinking about the implications of what I called Influencer Marketing; clearly one of the key areas for marketers to master in the years to come is to understand what makes a normal person your best promoter, what is that makes them “wear your brand with pride”…

Think about it.. Mini Cooper owners boast about their cars every opportunity they have (and make the rest of us crave for one), Harley Davidson riders literally uniform themselves with the brand from head to toe every weekend and get out there to promote it, Football fans paint themselves to show their team support and wearing a pink ribbon fills us with pride because we understand the importance of its meaning.

What does it take to get to this point? And to stay there?

I don’t presume I have a recipe; but I think these are a few of the ways to go about achieving such an incredible result:

What other ideas do you have? How would you get your customers to wear your brand with pride? (and by doing it help marketing your product / service).

What do you think?

Filiberto Selvas


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