Monday, December 1, 2008

My Daily Bookmarks 12/01/2008 (p.m.)

  • Two comments on this one: 1)Indeed Faceboon Connect is a powerful capability; but in order for that power to be fully exerted we need Facebook to come up with better ways to keep our social networks tidily separate from each other: my High School friends do not care about the same information from me as my social Media Tribe; I need them to see different things from me. Facebook: please figure out how to make this easy for me! (hint: metadata). 2)Not everything in Social will revolve around the “Friendship”; Social has (at least) three pivots: The human pivot (we the ones having the social exchange), the object pivot (that around which we are congregating) and the metadata pivot (the data we associate to the relationships and objects, which can be expressively assign or inferred). Depending on the objective and situation we can choose to have our efforts take advantage of one or more of these pivots.

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