Thursday, November 6, 2008

FEED your brain!

I just finished my long overdue read of the FEED report; Razorfish's Consumer Experience Report.

Is a looong document (actually a compliation of articles/documents); filled with lots of golden nuggets and pearls of wisdom, definetely recommended reading. Here a couple of snippets to get you interested:

“….. It’s a powerful concept for companies— building a real relationship with their influential customers and audiences, and then empowering those folks to get the word out. The problem is that community cannot be created instantly. You need people to get people, and it takes a lot of seeding and feeding to reach a network effect strong enough to create a real, working community. In the end, a company has to be patient with community relationships and nudge a bit to get them started. That’s normal and well worth the effort” (Page 25).

Enjoy the reading; and let me know what you think.

Filiberto Selvas

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Anonymous said...

The problem with feeding and seeding is that most managers, regardless of their company size, don't have the luxury to wait for the proverbial Spring when these communities finally take flight-so what to do? You can't artificially pump "people" into these communities to have platonic relationships-Even if you have a lot of brand champions and you use them to recruit-it still takes time.