Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Social CRM

What do I mean by Social CRM?

What fascinated me, and brought me into, what I originally called Online Communities and then Social Networking was the realization that it was a natural extension and expansion of my old (and perennial) love: Customer Relationship Management. However, as I know it is clear for you, actual application sometimes (many times) falls short of the possibilities; very few have used Social Networking to create the opportunities for relationships to be established with and among their customers and partners, and leverage those relationships to create more, and better, opportunities for all.

As I move forward into new (and exciting) opportunities I thought it was a proper time for me to open a new Blog; I will devote this Blog to capture the thoughts and reports on the efforts I will pursue to help companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes to understand and act on the opportunity they have to use social networking as a relationship channel, and use those relationships to improve the value obtained by all participants.

Here is to the future!

Filiberto Selvas

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